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        About Us

        Wu Qiaoying, Feng Steel Structure Steel Castings Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a large enterprise at present domestic professional casting steel structure "nodes", created in 1993 by China Mechanical Engineering Steel Ltd. expansion and development, at present, the factory area of 300000 square meters, fixed assets 360000000 yuan, annual output of "nodes" products 60000 tons, production "nodes" product weight since ten kilograms to 160 tons. Over the years, the company adhere to the "integrity-based, quality first" purpose, good governance, pioneering and innovative, and constantly introduce advanced technology units at home and abroad the industry well-known colleges and universities, design institutes...........

        Wu Qiaoying, Feng Steel Structure Steel Castings Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
        Tel: 0317-7237888
        Mobile: 15128770669
        Address:The Yellow River Road Economic Development Zone in Hebei province Wuqiao County No. 1